Our expert team specializes in sourcing and importing state-of-the-art ICT equipment, software, and infrastructure components from leading global manufacturers. From networking and telecommunications equipment to cloud solutions and cybersecurity systems. Additionally, Ruftana Trading PLC offers end-to-end infrastructure building services, including network design, installation, and maintenance. Our experienced technicians and engineers work closely with clients to design and implement robust ICT infrastructure that optimizes efficiency, performance, and security. Partner with Ruftana Trading PLC for your ICT import and infrastructure building requirements, and unlock the power of technology to drive your organization's success.

Core Business areas of ICT Department

1. Data center facility and structural cabling

A data center facility includes everything that builds shared access to applications and data via a complex network, computing, and storage infrastructure, as well as structural cabling of fiber, power, and UTP/STP which interconnects every function of Datacenter Room.

2. Networking and security

It is mandatory to have connectivity with world for that you need network. Any operation meant to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data is referred to as network security. It prevents threats from entering or spreading throughout your network. Access to the network is managed by effective network security without compromising the speed and other aspects of your network.

3. Modern data center infrastructure and cloud:

A modern data center holds an organization's data and application systems in secure, quick, and dependable storage architecture. As well as the cloud, allows you to utilize it whenever and wherever you want with the most recent advancements.


4. Digital signage and collaboration:

Digital Signages are digital display technologies that brilliantly show any image, reducing manual labor adopted in the traditional approach. Collaboration includes smart classrooms, smart screens and in some cases with AI-enabled cameras, access control systems etc.